Join the online launch party on Zoom on Tuesday, April 28th!

Festivities kick off at 5:30 pm EDT, where I will read the last chapter of THE MARVELOUS ADVENTURES OF GWENDOLYN GRAY to cap off our YouTube read aloud series.
Then the party begins in earnest at 6! I’ll do some read aloud from the first chapter, we’ll have guests come on to chat, do giveaways, and have a lot of fun!

Heroes never return from adventure unchanged, and Gwendolyn Gray knows this better than anyone. She faces a new darkness within herself—with no comfort from her friends Sparrow and Starling. On top of that, the City is only getting worse. When the Faceless Gentlemen return to menace her again, Gwendolyn escapes to the lands of the Fae. But even the dreamlike Faeoria holds dangers that even she could never have imagined, including enemies both new and familiar. Now Gwendolyn must learn to master her magic and the depression that threatens to rob her of her powers if she ever hopes to find Sparrow and Starling, defeat the villainous forces that control the City, and save the people she loves.

COMING APRIL 28th, 2020

Part fantasy, part dystopian, part steampunk, and all imagination, The Marvelous Adventures of Gwendolyn Gray follows dreamer Gwendolyn as she evades thought police, enters a whimsical world, befriends eccentric explorers and airship pirates, and fights the evil threatening to erase everything she loves.


B. A. Williamson is the overly caffeinated writer of The Marvelous Adventures of Gwendolyn Gray. When not doing battle with the demons in the typewriter, he can be found wandering Indianapolis with his family, singing in a tuxedo, or taming middle-schoolers. He is a recipient of the Eli Lilly Teacher Creativity Fellowship. Please direct all complaints and your darkest secrets to @BAWrites on social media, or visit


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...Gwendolyn Gray ran away.